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Roni Ferretti

Development Manager

Roni Ferretti

Roni Ferretti believes theater's aesthetic and political missions are inseparable. Former Development Director at Atlantic Theater Company, she joined Lark in 2015 after Development Consultant positions at a range of brilliantly innovative arts nonprofits, among them SPACE on Ryder Farm, Woodshed Collective and Breaking Walls. Fascinated and inspired by artists and their work, she's made her career facilitating and supporting choreographers, playwrights, filmmakers and multi-media artists, devoting herself to ensuring a future for the increasingly threatened spheres of the arts. She holds a BA in Theater from Cornell and an MFA in Film from Columbia. In her spare time (which is limited), she enjoys rock climbing in the Dolomites with her family and musing on cultural theory,  philosophy and our responsibility to do what we can to foster solidarity as we face an increasingly complex future.

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