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The Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship


The Program

The Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship, for a Disabled writer, provides a two-year cycle of support for the generation and development of a new play to essay and challenge popular perceptions of the "Disabled Experience."  The fellowship will include outreach and scouting toward the commissioning and development of the new play, an intensive two-year process of new play development activities for the selected fellow through The Lark’s artistic programs, and a co-production of the play with The Apothetae.  Plans for the award include $40,000 in financial support, a $10,000 opportunity and resource fund, and a $10,000 production enhancement fund.

The Apothetae Convening at The Lark, May 2015Cast and Creative Team of TEENAGE DICK by Mike Lew (commissioned by The Apothetae, developed at The Lark)The Apothetae Convening at The Lark, May 2015Info

The Impact

The Apothetae and Lark Fellowship is a critical component in The Lark's portfolio of fellowships designed to engage a diverse community of extraordinary playwrights who represent, collectively, a contemporary national vision. Targeted support to Disabled playwrights is essential to a culture of equity, access, and inclusion, and can provide visibility for the issues they face both personally and professionally within the cultural sphere and landscape. Only by seeing Disabled individuals on stage and behind the scenes can real, essential, and measurable change take place.

The Selection Process

The selection process is currently under development.

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This program is currently in the planning and development phase. The Fellowship is designed as a pilot to adapt to the needs of the artists and community we seek to serve. Stay tuned for more details!

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