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Russia/United States Playwright Exchange

The Program

This residency brings Russian writers to the U.S. and American writers to Russia to work on translations of their work. It is designed to create stage-worthy translations of new works from Russia and the U.S. Its larger purpose is to foment and establish ongoing channels of artistic collaboration and communication between Russian and American theater artists.

Evgeny Kazachkov (left) with playwright Olzhas Zhanaydarov in rehearsalKsenia Dragunskaya, Rodion Beletsky, Olzhas Zhanaydarov (from left to right)Evgeny Kazachkov addresses a panel of Russian and American writersKsenia Dragunskaya (left) talks over her play with director Giovanna SardelliSofia Akilova (right) interprets for Olzhas ZhanaydarovRodion Beletsky (right) with director Lisa RotheInfo

The Impact

This program increases the profile of Russian playwrights in the U.S. and, reciprocally, U.S. playwrights in Russia while fostering respect and mutual understanding among playwrights and their collaborators.  Through this program, we hope to better understand circumstances and conditions in post-Soviet Russia and how they relate to our own. We want to create a replicable model for community engagement and free expression, grapple with the realities of censorship and self-censorship and represent a balance of U.S. and global perspectives through a more relevant and culturally inclusive theater repertoire.

For the Russian based program, the Lark’s program staff provides American plays for review by our Russian partners. Translators and Playwright Adapters are chosen by our Russian partners.

The Selection Process

For the U.S. based program, Russian playwrights are invited to submit plays for consideration. Russian playwrights and plays are chosen by a peer-based selection committee consisting of both Russian and American artists. Translators and Playwright Adapters are selected by Lark staff.


This program was generously supported by:
The U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission
Trust for Mutual Understanding

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