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Russia/United States Playwright Exchange 2017

with plays by Mikhael Durnenkov, Rinat Tashimov, and Yulia Tupikina

This residency brings Russian writers to the U.S. and American writers to Russia, during alternating seasons, to work on translations of their work both with a literal translator, and a playwright advisor from the host country. This season, the festival takes place at The Lark and plays will include:

SHAYTAN LAKE by Rinat Tashimov

Translated by Bela Shayevich
Playwright Advisor: A. Rey Pamatmat

INHALE-EXHALE by Yulia Tupikina 

Translated by John Hanlon
Playwright Advisor: Lauren Yee


THE WAR HAS NOT YET STARTED by Mikhael Durnenkov

Translated by Ania Aizman 
Playwright Advisor: Katie Baldwin Eng