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About Us

Our Mission

The Lark is an OBIE-winning, international theater laboratory, based in New York City, dedicated to amplifying the voices of playwrights by providing transformative support within a global community. 

We provide writers with funding, space, collaborators, audiences, professional connections, and the freedom to design and drive their own creative processes. 

We believe that playwrights are society’s truth tellers, and that their work strengthens our collective capacity to understand our world and imagine its future. 

Our Beliefs

  • The Individual Voice is Powerful. 
    We believe that playwrights are leaders, not simply within the scope of the performing arts but as spokespersons in the wider world.
  • New Plays Spark Conversation. 
    We believe in the value of conversation. Theater brings people of different experiences together, under intimate circumstances, to generate discussion through which we recognize one another’s humanity.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are Fundamental. 
    We believe that differences in identity – including age, background, class, gender, nationality, disability, race, sexual orientation, language, and thinking style – bring vibrancy to our organization, and that such differences help us better connect with the range of stories that reflect our world.
  • Global Exchange Expands Our Humanity. 
    We believe in building bridges between cultures where artists, theater leaders, and involved citizens – who might not otherwise cross paths – may meet in common pursuit of fresh methods and vocabulary with which to address the challenges of the 21st century. 

What if?

What if writers had the freedom and the resources to write whatever they chose, without political or commercial pressures? What if more diverse voices were included in the mainstream? What if everyone in America were part of a creative community?”
— John Clinton Eisner, Founder & Artistic Director Emeritus