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Daniel Stompor

Headshot of Daniel Stompor

2018-19 Theater Management Apprentice

Daniel Stompor is an artistic administrator, director, and playwright. Hailing from Chicagoland, Daniel attended Northwestern University before moving to New York. With a strong affinity for free verse, Daniel’s writing projects include ZamoraThe Night We Hog-Tied Thoreau to a Train Track Until He Told Us The Meaning of Life, and the semi-biographical (still in progress)The Almost-Twin Pisces, as told by Gemini. While attending Northwestern, Daniel helped develop and later refine the model for Project NU, an annual documentary theater incubator that has gone on to be replicated at multiple universities and colleges across the country. Daniel loves generating and supporting work that is raw, direct, and personally intimate. When not at The Lark, Daniel serves as the artistic director for Purslane Theater Company.

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