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Oya Mae Duchess-Davis

Oya Mae Duchess-Davis

2017-19 Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship Finalist

Oya Mae Duchess-Davis is an upcoming playwright from Minneapolis, MN. The rhythms and cultures of North Minneapolis, the black diaspora, and Afro-Cuban spiritual traditions are infused in the world of her plays. Her work focuses on blackness, beauty, and the context of America. Her plays aim to redefine blackness in terms of love, family, community, and the magic that comes along with not knowing where one truly comes from. Oya was the 2016 Many Voices mentee and has been a part of festivals both in New York and Minneapolis. She was recently commissioned to write a horror play about white privilege which is a topic that appears in the worlds of her plays. As a playwright with a disability she is happy to be a finalist for the Apothetae and Lark Fellowship.

last edited 9/14/2017

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