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The 2016 Larkees: A Look Back in Joy

Lark News

The Lark's Season Re-Cap Slideshow, presented at the year-end celebration on June 30, 2016

The Larkees, a timeless tradition established long ago in 2012, are a highly prestigious honor awarded to Lark artists and community members who have gone above and beyond to support their fellow artists and community members in their efforts to create theater that reflects the vibrancy of our world. Presented at The Lark's annual year-end celebration, The Larkees are meant to acknowledge some of the many fierce and passionate advocates of new work we are proud to have in our network. This year, the theme of the Larkees appeared to be commitment, as the fantastic group of artists and administrators honored all shared a deep and, in many cases, longstanding investment in the organization.

First up was A. Rey Pamatmat, a playwright, former PoNY Fellow, and frequenter of The Lark's fifth floor lobby, where he is often found writing, catching up with other artists, or eating his lunch. All around good sport, Rey was happy to accept a high five from presenter Lloyd Suh (Director of Artistic Programs at The Lark), when it was found that the Larkee trophies had been left downstairs.

Kimber receives a Larkee and a hug from John
After the gold (plastic) bird statues had been retrieved, Lark's Artistic Director John Clinton Eisner took the microphone to tell us about another playwright who had participated in almost all of Lark's programs throughout the years. Someone who, "when she comes into the office, everyone wants to talk to her." Kimber Lee looked genuinely shocked when John read her name, but speculations have been made she was secretly campaigning for this award when she donated a box of Seattle roast coffee to The Lark earlier this year.

Jennifer Dorr White, who happens to be married to Lark's own Fearless Leader (talkin' about John again) was also among the recipients, for her longtime involvement with the selection committee for Playwrights' Week, the Literary Wing. Jennifer has been a member of the group since its inception over 20 years ago. In presenting Jennifer with her Larkee, Andrea Hiebler, The Lark's Director of Scouting & Submissions, pointed to the adage "behind every great man there is a woman," labeling the phrase "problematic at best and a steaming pile of garbage at worst." Jennifer, she said, is behind no one. Andrea then deemed her First Lady of The Lark and handed over her trophy.

Andrea receives a Larkee from Michael
Andrea received her own Larkee that evening, along with fellow Lark staffer Anna Kull (Director of Community Relationships), marking their tenth year working at The Lark. Also honored for a decade of dedication was Mariana Carreño King, a key player in the organization of The Lark's México/United States Playwright Exchange, a program which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year with a convening of Mexican and American artists.

Newer on the scene but no less enthusiastic was Scott Johnson, who joined The Lark's Board only this year, but immediately hit the ground running in his advocacy for work in progress.

Evgeny on skype
And finally, Evgeny Kazachkov Skyped in all the way from Russia, where it was 3:00am, to receive his Larkee for his tireless work on the Russia/United States Playwright Exchange last fall - and of course to join in the night's toast with a bit of the vodka Arthur Kopit is still talking about.

The Lark is so grateful to these and all the artists and community members who helped to make this season great. Thanks to everyone who supported work in progress this year, we can't wait to do it all again!