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Artist Spotlight: "DIVA" with Nora Monahan

Playwrights’ Corner
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Artist Spotlight continues and this time it's shining on Nora Monahan! As a playwright, performer, and Lark staffer, Nora delves into the many facets of their life in this interview hosted by Christopher Reyes. From child acting, to not being cast in glee, and a non-traditional holiday tradition, tune in for the tale of a journey told by someone fluent in camp.

Oh, and you'll notice they mention their play Diva: Live From Hell was getting published in "about a month." Well, that was about a month ago, and you can now purchase the play from Dramatists Play Service!

Listen to the podcast above, or watch the video interview!

Having grown up surrounded by people who lived through the AIDS crisis and as someone who has to find my way into millennial queer culture, I wanted to write through those anxieties."
— Nora Monahan

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