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New Year's Artistic Resolution

Playwrights’ Corner
The full Lark staff, in winter attire, poses all around a jungle gym.

Well well well, if it isn’t the end of what feels like the longest year of our lives! 2018 has come to an end as we all know it. The year was full of surprises and challenges that if I’m being truly honest, were tougher than anticipated. There have been a lot of changes in my life! I’ve graduated college, removed myself from a toxic relationship, got my first “real” job, moved to a new city, joined a theater company and even struggled with post graduate freak out syndrome (which I’ve been warned is normal, but is still NOT my cup of tea!) I’m learning how to be patient with myself, while nurturing and loving all (most) of my imperfections and insecurities. Yes... I’m clearly still working on it! Although, something that I’ve started during this time, is to actively choose not to wait for the new year to reinvent myself and begin my “new year, new me” resolutions. It’s been a great challenge for me, but generated a major shift and urgency to not put positive changes on hold for “the future” that will benefit me now. Most of my struggles in 2018 have undeniably affected my creative drive and artistry. So, as inspiration, I asked a few Larkees “what are your New Year’s artistic resolutions?” These are their responses:

Smile more, grimace less.
Write two full-length plays and three pilots.
Self-produce a radio play, a short film, and a play.
Keep remembering to have fun and not take it all so seriously.
Experience more plays, watch more films, and see new TV shows.
Work harder to help other emerging artists move toward their career goals.
Help my wife and mother get gallery showings for their stunning photography and visual art.
- Franky D. Gonzalez

Rediscover the rabbit hole that is YouTube clips of old dance routines.
-Olivia George

To require less Tiger Balm.
-Seta Bairamian

To trust my skills and instincts more. Trust I’m exactly where I need to be.
-Charly E. Simpson

One of my dear friends/sister in life told me this week, "Y'know Nissy - it is the recognition that you are worthy of it all so you have to claim it. Claim it." So my resolution is to actively and wholeheartedly claim my art cuz we deserve to tell all the stories that passes through us. Also, I'm tryna read all the horror stories I can find rooted in the African diaspora (particularly places by large bodies of water) that centers Black Femmes. Shakespeare is real suspect in the way he set up Sycorax to be this blue eyed hag while Prospero is a regular ole typical colonizing demon and it bothers me. So, in 2019 I plan to come for his neck on that particular front. With the exact same energy, I used in that previous sentence. =)
-Nissy Aya

To be kinder to myself about where I am in my career, stop comparing myself/my work to others. I will put my blinders on and run my race.
-Stacey Rose

Write somewhere other than my bed!!!
— Anonymous

To redefine what success as an artist means to me.
-Lauren De Leon

Hmm... Well, all the time I hear John say that when playwrights have to work full-time survival jobs, they only write one play a year, but when they don't have to work survival jobs, they write six plays a year. So. Even though I have to work a survival job to survive, my new year's artistic resolution is to write six plays in 2019. Six.
-Nora Monahan​

Give yourself permission to be messy as you move through process and tap into unexplored spaces.
-Kendra Flournoy

To make space for the creativity, joy, and fellowship that I cherish in artistic spaces to find a home in my everyday moments and choices.
-Anna Kull

A New Year's resolution is a very interesting concept, because it denotes a promise to create change in anticipation and in honor of the passing of time, but I feel weird making promises to make changes, because doesn't it make more sense that I do that on my birthday as opposed to this weird time in December? Especially since I turned 25 this year... Anyway, my New Year's resolution: to make more art in general, so that I feel like an artist again, get compensated for my art, because I'm tired of working survival jobs and giving my artistic self the scraps of time and energy I have left during the day, to find a life outside of theater. Have fun. Travel (will this be the year I Eat, Pray, Love my life? Or like Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again?). World Peace. Oh and to go to a chiropractor.
-Christopher Reyes

-Shara Feit

Be a Blk woman writer who tells the truth about the lives and experiences of Blk women in my work.
Be gracious toward myself, my characters and my writing process.
Break new ground with partnering theatres in devising direct and creative actions & justice initiatives to accompany main stage productions.
-Erika Dickerson-Despenza

Be authentic.
-Roni Givigliano

In 2019, I am committing myself to slowing down. To redefining "productivity," to reimagining my work in the world; to resting; to honoring my corporeal form and its connection to all life; to breathing through each moment with intention and gratitude. Every new day, week, month, year reminds me that mortality is tremendous and special—that this life may be absurd and difficult at times but should be experienced fully, with love and abundance. Here's to another miraculous trip around the sun!
-Juliany Taveras

I challenge myself to audition more, take as many genres of dance classes as I can, and FINALLY commit to circus training which I’ve been so nervous to do for months!!!

I hope these artistic statements inspire you to fully commit to your resolutions! Life isn’t ever as “easy” as we’d like, but what a true relief to know that we’re artists with creative outlets to express our experiences, and hopefully support one another along the way. Happy new years, everyone! I hope your year is filled with love and growth. Meanwhile, 2019, I’m coming for ya.