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Boundless Black Masculinity

Playwrights’ Corner
We live in a world that tells that you, you can't do this, this, and that, and you have to do this, this, and the other. And, why?"

This is the question Donja R. Love, playwright and 2016-17 Lark Van Lier New Voices Fellow, is asking of the world, and in the video below (which co-stars The Lark's West Studio and some other familiar faces), he explains to PBS' Tonilyn Sideco how he is using his work to ask it.

In the Season Two premiere of First Person, Tonilyn talks with Donja about his experience of surviving depression and suicide ideation, expanding notions of Black masculinity, and what he refers to as the radical power of “softness”.

First Person is A PBS Digital Studios show about gender identity, sexuality and queer community, hosted by Aaryn Lang, Donald Shorter, Kirya Traber and 
Tonilyn Sideco.

Mic and its channels, Slay and The Movement, are official media partners for Season 2 of First Person.

This video was originally published 6/9/2017, on