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A Closer Look: Brittany K. Allen

Playwrights’ Corner
I knew I wanted to talk about what that act was, to kind of try to go about reclaiming your past as a brown person in America."

Next week, Playwright Brittany K. Allen will share her new play in process Redwood in two public readings through The Lark's Studio Retreat program.

Redwood concerns an intergenerational, interracial couple (Meg, a black middle school teacher, and Drew, a white physicist) who are thrown into crisis when a member of Meg’s family (the willful Uncle Stevie) learns that his would-be nephew-in-law is heir apparent to the family that owned his own relatives in an antebellum Kentucky.

In order to give audiences a closer look at the play and Brittany's creative process, she sat down with fellow playwright C.A. Johnson, to discuss what prompted her to write this play, what her goals for the workshop are, and the type of theatricality that Brittany is most drawn to. Listen in on their conversation below, then RSVP to the readings!

A Closer Look: Brittany K. Allen

Part I


Part II

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Click here to reserve your seats now! Readings will take place December 11th at 7pm and December 12th at 3pm. All tickets are free, reservations are required.