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A Closer Look: The Colonialism Project

Playwrights’ Corner
As playwrights, seeing pieces of art that are supposedly historical but don't acknowledge perspectives other than a very narrow one, we essentially find ourselves being erased."
— Mike Lew

On Monday, September 24th and Tuesday, September 25th, The Lark will hold a Studio Retreat Reading of Mike Lew and Rehana Lew Mirza's The Colonialism Project, a trilogy which they wrote in tandem on a commission for La Jolla Playhouse.

The Colonialism Project is a time-spanning trilogy about colonialism and its present-day aftermath, written in tandem by married playwrights Mike Lew and Rehana Lew Mirza. Through three interconnected full-length plays, this work seeks to trace the scars of colonialism across nations and centuries.

In order to give audiences a closer look at the plays, Mike and Rehana sat down to interview one another about the process of writing a joint project, while raising a family at the same time. Check out the video below to hear their conversation!

A Closer Look: Mike Lew & Rehana Lew Mirza

Video by Christopher Reyes

In this ambitious Studio Retreat process, Mike and Rehana will share all three plays-in-progress throughout the course of two public readings at The Lark.

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