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A Closer Look: Playwrights' Week 2017 - NYC Edition

Playwrights’ Corner

Next week, October 30 - November 4, 2017, is Playwrights' Week at The Lark! This annual, intensive, seven-day festival is designed to foster a peer-based community among a cohort of writers with new work in development. Each play will receive ten hours of rehearsal in advance of a public staged reading focused on the writer’s self-stated developmental goals.

Playwrights’ Week is designed to be a festival of discovery, for artists and audiences alike. So in order to help you discover more about each of the plays, we gathered up three playwrights in this year's cohort who are based in New York, Caroline V. McGraw, Francisco Mendoza, and Eric John Meyer, to interview each other about their individual, creative processes. Caroline, Francisco, and Eric will be joined next week by fellow playwrights Sam Chanse, Larissa FastHorse, and Briandaniel Oglesy.

Check out all six at Playwrights' Week 2017. RSVP here!

I GET RESTLESS by Caroline V. McGraw

The fear and trauma that she's experienced is manifesting itself as these creepy crawly guys... to put it in a sophisticated way.

Hazel just started a job at a top law firm, bought a condo, and married a man who adores her. But, after an accident on her honeymoon, she can't remember how--or anything else about the past six years. Now Hazel must find out who she is without the help of who she was.

MACHINE LEARNING by Francisco Mendoza

This is a play that reflects my upbringing in Argentina, and an overall feeling of father-hood in Latin America of sometimes it being difficult to create intimacy between two men.

When his estranged, alcoholic father is diagnosed with liver cancer, computer scientist Jorge creates a nursing app to manage the disease. But as the machine's capabilities grow, it attracts the attention of the tech industry, forcing Jorge to choose between staying by his father's side or pursuing his passion. Dealing with issues of immigration, legacy, and life dreams, Machine Learning explores what it means to be children, and what it means to be parents.


I'm very sad that I've written such a timely play as it turns out.

Times may be tough in the neighborhood, but the Rust Belt Bronies Meet Up Group for Adult Fans of My Little Pony is still gathering weekly to share their feelings, their homemade costumes, and their love for Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mane Six. It's an innocent escape from reality--until one of their meetings is interrupted by the neighborhood watch. People used to think the neighborhood watch was a joke. But lately they've been getting more popular--and more aggressive. It's not funny anymore. And it's definitely not a game. But when they start demanding everyone play by their rules, what's a Brony to do?

Playwrights' Week 2017 takes place at The Lark, October 30 - November 4. Tickets are FREE. Reservations are required. Click here to RSVP!