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Community Update: Our 2020-21 Season Programming

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To our dear Lark Community,

As the fallout of COVID-19 has hit our industry hard, The Lark, like many theaters, has had to make some very difficult decisions on how to adjust to the changing landscape. While this moment offers some opportunity to rebuild structures better than before, it also comes with some heartbreak, and due to gathering and budgetary constraints caused by the pandemic, many of our programs will be going on hiatus. As we hold both those truths at once, we will keep you informed about what The Lark’s programming will look like this season, as we continue to navigate and adapt. Read on to learn more about what will continue, what's going on hold, and how to stay involved.


  • Fellowships - We will continue supporting playwrights both financially and artistically through our portfolio of fellowship programs. This season, we are thrilled to be welcoming two new fellows through our Van Lier New Voices Fellowship (which serves playwrights of color aged 30 and under), three fellows through our Venturous Playwright Fellowship (serves playwrights whose work is risk-taking and/or deemed “difficult” to produce), and one playwright through our Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship (serves Deaf/Disabled playwrights).
  • Workshops - Many of our internal workshop programs, which serve our current playwright fellows as well as alumni playwrights of Lark programming, will continue virtually, via Zoom, this season. These programs are curated at the discretion of our Artistic staff, and include our Roundtables, Playground, Monthly Meeting of the Minds, Winter Writers’ Retreat, and the Middle Eastern American Writers Lab.
  • Project on Tyranny - We are exploring options for a virtual panel, featuring writers with plays-in-process that address abuses of power and threats to civil liberties. The goal of this program is to provide a forum for the public to engage with artists, and thereby spark ongoing conversation about the state of the world and the writer's role in it.


  • Playwrights’ Week - Friends, this one really hurts. As a program that has been running for 25 years, our hearts are very heavy with the announcement of this particular pause. We deeply value the channel Playwrights’ Week offers us for discovering new perspectives, and consider it a huge loss that it will not be open this season. We plan to do everything we can to bring back this program as soon as possible, and look forward to its return.
  • Public Events - The health of our community is of the utmost importance to us, and as such, all programs that included onsite, public components, including Studio Retreats, BareBones productions, and The New Black Fest at The Lark, will be on hold until we can safely gather in space again. In addition, this will also cause our Volunteer program to be put on hold.
  • Rita Goldberg Playwrights’ Workshop - As the structure and usefulness of this program rely on our ability to gather, we will be placing it on hold until the 2021-2022 season, at which time we hope to be able to come together in person again.
  • Apprentice Program - This one was also painful, but our capacity to provide the kind of experience we know is valuable to emerging arts administrators will simply not be in place next season. When we next welcome a cohort of apprentices at The Lark, we want it to be in a robust and vibrant environment for learning.
  • Global Exchange Programs - While we plan to use digital technologies to keep in touch with our international partners, we continue to value the mutual understanding that results from in-person translation processes above all, and will be pausing in-person program activities until travel is possible once again.


  • Read our blog - Check our blog regularly for new content, or subscribe via our mailing list to receive notifications directly to your inbox! Fostering community around the work of our writers, and encouraging conversation about the themes they explore in their work, remain top priorities for The Lark. We will continue publishing interviews with playwrights, think pieces and essays by core artists, and resources for promoting and learning more about equity in the arts.
  • Follow us on social media - We treat our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter like megaphones for the smartest people we know (artists), so check out our platforms for all things playwrights, process, and equity in the arts!
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So, we know this is a lot of information, and much still remains uncertain. But one thing we know is that during this strange time, our field is going to need to get much more comfortable with being in process. And luckily, we take a little comfort in knowing a little something about that.

Thank you to our community (yes, you) for weathering this storm with us. Your support means the world.