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The Importance of a Writer's Voice

Playwrights’ Corner
Katori Hall

As a board member, artist and community member of The Lark, I am writing at this very busy time of year to ask you to consider making a year-end contribution to The Lark.

There is a national discussion of identity and expression that is sweeping campuses, theaters and town halls.  It is a time when artistic expression and the ability to speak in one’s own true voice is vital. The Lark is one of the rare places where artists are encouraged to speak their mind, explore their vision and take huge, enormous risks. Why do we need these voices to be nurtured? Because these stories allow us to see the world we live in, reflect on that world and debate what we need to make it better. We need places like this so that artists feel safe to express themselves and to say what they mean and exactly how they want to say it. We will always need a safe haven for artists: a place where they can continue to develop their unique voices. 

I urge you to give to The Lark this season so that more voices are given the opportunity to be heard locally, nationally and globally as bards for future generations.

- Katori Hall