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january 20, 2017

Stages of Resistance
Lila Rose Kaplan sits to the right of the frame and looks off left. The camera is focused in on her head and shoulders. She wears a blue sweater.
Photo Credit: Joey Kotfica

This poem is part of a new Lark blog salon, curated by Caridad Svich, called 
"Stages of Resistance." This salon welcomes reflections and articles on issues and themes related to making work for live performance in political and 
aesthetic resistance to forms and systems that oppress human rights and censor and/or severely limit freedom of expression. We are in increasingly hostile, volatile times around the world, and this blog series hopes to serve as a space for considered, thoughtful, polemical articulations of practice and theory on the subject of resistance, the multiple meanings of political art, and the ways in which progressive, wholistic cultural change may be instigated through artworks. Stay tuned for more articles and reflections in this series throughout March and early April 2017.

january 20, 2017

on this day
call someone you miss
(that’s normal)

on this day
inaugurate yourself as
a) an activist
b) a author of the present
c) a fierce combination of your strengths
d) all of this above

on this day
turn to the child next to you
or the child inside of you
(we all have one) (that little one always wondering wandering hoping singing hopping around while you try and get out of the house)
tell her
i will protect you and every child
i will fight for a world where you can thrive
i will show you how to fight with love as your sword
watch my choices every day
they are for you

on this day
thank someone
(that’s normal)

on this day
turn off your computer
turn off your phone
go to the river the beach the park the woods the-
the place where there is earth
touch it
the planet will tell you a few things
she’ll mention she’s been here a long time
she’ll mention she needs help right now
both are true

on this day
listen to a song you love
(that’s normal)

tomorrow we start a new symphony
get your instruments ready
we’re gonna be loud