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Larkees Show Some Love

Playwrights’ Corner
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If you've seen their plays, you already know that we work with some big-hearted artists here at The Lark. So, it should come as no surprise that when we reached out to ask some of our playwrights if there was another artist they wanted to shout out this Valentine's day, they were ready to gush. Read on to feel the love, and add your own to the comments section!

"Gosh there are so many. But, if I had to choose an artist (or two or three), it has to be Teresa Coleman Wash the Artistic Director of Bishop Arts Theatre Center in Dallas, playwright Doug Wright, and playwright Kat Ramsburg. Not only are they rare talents as visionaries of the theater, but their willingness to guide others and be a mentor to emerging playwrights are inspiring. They have my love and eternal support."
–Franky D. Gonzalez

"Happy Valentines day to the amazing writer Bahiyyih El-Shabbaz, whose essays and fiction are full of wisdom and beauty. (She also happens to be my sister)." 
–Nathan Alan Davis

"I'd like to send some fierce love to TJ Weaver who not only has a brilliant dramaturgical mind, but knows how to set the flow of a room with the perfect levels of kindness, honesty, and generosity. He is a sharp, loving director I want the world to know!"
–Christina Quintana

"Sending love to Susan Soon He Stanton for being my ride or die. I’d “I know what you did last summer” for you girl."
–Leah Nanako Winkler

"I'm sending love to fellow L.A. artist, Julia Holter; I've been spinning her sprawling album Aviary on repeat since its release last year. Holter said, "I came into this record taking a playful approach, and that meant following the song wherever it goes." It's been a reminder that there's joy in discovery and beauty in the unruly."
–Benjamin Benne

–Dave Harris

"My love shout out goes to Abby Rosebrock, though she’s broken my heart twice – once with the unexpected ending of Dido of Idaho and another time with the inevitable ending of Blue Ridge. I’ve never seen anyone capture the desperation of being driven by trauma, or apply the soothing balm of hope, quite like she does."
–Francisco Mendoza

"Nissy Aya for her Thank Black People posts for BHM and her train thoughts, thoughtful vibes, and community. Ruthie Ofrasio for This is AKIN and their mission to create inclusive, intentional spaces and platforms to promote artists of color. Guadalis Del Carmen for being amazing and killing it- her play Not For Sale is having a dual-launguage run at UrbanTheater Company. Check it out if you in Chicago! What a dream come true."
–Ren Dara Santiago 
"The poetry of Ada Limon fills me up with its tender-hearted love of existence, its melancholy grace in the face of life's battering-rams, and its hard-earned belief in the worthwhile struggle that is reckoning with the world around us. It's a poetry of ecstatic hope--hope that is not sentimental, but is instead forged in the often painful smithy of human experience."
–Dominic Finocchiaro
"I'd like to shout out Sam Chanse who makes amazing work of the heart and the mind and who has her Ma-Yi production around the corner!"
–Carla Ching

"I have infinite love for Malika Oyetimein. She’s a skilled director with laser focus, stunning vision, and an enormous heart. The love she has for community, particularly Black women, sings in her artistry. Every time I experience her work I fall more in love with community and with myself. That’s the mark of a great artist." –Donja R. Love