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Standing with Orlando: How You Can Help

Equity in the Arts

This past weekend, a tragedy occurred at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. 50 people were killed and even more were injured. This is the worst mass shooting our nation has ever had. While the assailant's motives are mostly unknown, what we can conclude is a toxic atmosphere of homophobia and hate were involved. At The Lark, we believe in Equity, Access, and Inclusion. We believe in moving past the hate in order to see the good reflected in a humanity that gives back after this atrocity has occurred. For those interested in helping those affected by this shooting, please see below for informative, helpful, and inspiring instructions for what to do next and messages to give us hope.

How to Help
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Learn More About the Community that was Attacked
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Read about some of the lives of those lost in this tragedy.

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A look at love and activism within the LGBTQ Community.

Heartfelt Words from the Theater Community
Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Speech

Actor Frank Langella offers unity to Orlando during Tony speech
Start at 1:23.