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Meet the Writers: Playwrights' Week 2016

Playwrights’ Corner
Featuring: Benajamin Benne, Dominic Finocchiaro, Nick Gandiello, Sylvia Khoury, Claire Kiechel, and Sarah Saltwick

Did you wake up this Monday morning and think, "Oh man, I wish it was still Playwrights' Week." Or maybe, "Darn, I wish I could have made it to more of the Playwrights' Week readings at The Lark last week." Or perhaps your first thought was, "That reading at Playwrights' Week was so interesting, I'm still thinking about it this Monday morning! I wonder what that playwright's process was like?" Or maybe it was, "Should I make eggs or oatmeal? Am I out of cinnamon? I am. Okay, eggs it is." Whatever the case, you're in luck! The wonderful folks at Culture Hub and HowlRoundTV helped us live stream our kick off event, "Meet the Writers" (thanks guys!) so now it's here for you to enjoy at any time and as many times as you want. This panel discussion moderated by Beth Blickers features excerpts from each of the six plays selected through The Lark's annual Open Access Program, Playwrights' Week. The excerpts are read by the playwrights themselves, who also take questions from Beth and the audience about the genesis and creation of their works. Lend an ear to this conversation on empathy, inspiration, and process, and then for goodness sake go buy some cinnamon! It's October.