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New Development Apprentice: Emma Kimball

Lark News
Emma Kimball, 2015-2016 Development Apprentice

Former Lark apprentice Rocky Vargas said goodbye in November to take on a new challenge as a casting assistant. We wish her good luck and welcome new Development Apprentice, Emma Kimball.  Read on to get to know Emma and learn how she came to be the newest member of our team!

What is your role at Lark?

 I am the Development Apprentice at The Lark.

How did you get here? 

I graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in Dance and International Studies and a minor in Theatrical Design and Production. I've been a dancer for a very long time, and in college had to take a few design classes to supplement the choreography track in the dance major. I had a fantastic professor who gave me a real appreciation for design that changed how I view performance and how I work creatively. From that intro to the world of theater, I started sound designing, choreographing for theater, then assistant directing, taking acting classes and reading lots of plays. Eventually I worked at The O'Neill as the KCACTF Sound Fellow and met the lovely Amelia Parenteau. Then I moved to New York City and realized how much I wanted to learn about the administrative side of making art successfully. The next summer I was part of the Core Company at The Orchard Project and met James Kennedy.  Both Amelia and James are Lark Apprentice Alumni so when the opportunity to work at this institution and learn the financial side of making theater arose, I knew from their testimonies that I had to apply.

But I guess you could say it really started with wanting to perform a song from Anastasia at my 5th grade birthday party, or backyard circuses, or the Missoula Children's Theater production of Snow White.

What is your favorite thing about theater?

I love that live performance is always a communal experience.  You need help from collaborators and audience members alike to create something. I think there is something vitally important to humanity about group activities and empathetic learning. 

Are you working on any projects now or in the near future?

I'm currently working on a dance theater piece called Peaches that will have its third in-process showing this spring. I'm also currently directing a one man play for a salon-type evening of performance out in Brooklyn.  I am a company member of Built for Collapse (they've got a bunch of great stuff coming up this spring!) and the Producing Intern for Theater Reconstruction Ensemble's show Rhinbecca, NY in March. 

If you could write yourself into any play or musical and become a character in that world, what would it be and why?

I don't want to live inside of any play or musical forever.  I think in some ways, the best part for me is the act of leaving my 'normal' life, sitting in a dark room with a bunch of strangers and being transported.  Then going back to my 'normal' life and seeing what sticks and resonates with my existence.  I also particularly like that another human is actively sharing a story with me. And my favorite stories tend to be ones that would probably not be fun to live through (Medea, for example). 

Emma Kimball having fun with Global Exchange Apprentice Maia Safani