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Our Commitment to Sustained Support of Storytellers

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A rehearsal for a reading. The director sits in the center, facing the camera. We see the backs of the rest of the creative team as they focus on her. Playwright MJ Kauffman sits to the right ontop of a piece of rehearsal furniture.

We are compelled, in light of the current political climate, to recommit ourselves and our work to playwrights, and to our community.  Playwrights, we will continue to be your devotees, your advocates, your champions, your cheerleaders.  Now more than ever we honor our beliefs: that the individual voice is powerful, that new plays spark conversation, that equity, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our work, and that global exchange expands our humanity.  These beliefs will guide our programming, our selection processes, and our path forward.  We will remain steadfast in our mission to support free expression.

The Lark was founded as an organization where playwrights could write what and how they chose without political or commercial pressures.  It was founded as an arts organization that wanted to redefine mainstream theater and invite everyone to experience the creative process.  The Lark creates change by being an amplifier of incredible stories, and a resource to the extraordinary playwrights who tell them.  We remember our roots and are grateful to continue this work.  Going forward, we believe playwrights have a key role to play in the movement toward justice. Writers have the power to create worlds and to imagine our possible futures. They can make us laugh, give us resolve, call out injustice, humanize those being othered by our government and our society, and in their stories they can reflect back to us our true selves.  

At The Lark we believe in building bridges, not walls.  Global Exchange will remain a core part of our programming.  Cultural exchange and unfiltered narratives about our history and our world build empathy.  Translation processes allow us to reach a place of mutual understanding that transcends language. We are grateful for the partnerships and collaborations, from China, México, the Middle East, Romania, and Russia and more that have enriched our perspectives and our lives. We aim not only to be welcoming to our global community, but to be supportive of them by continuing to engage them in conversation and artmaking. We hope we can amplify their narratives.

In pursuit of stories that reflect our world we will continue to prioritize voices that have been historically under-represented and misrepresented by the theater field. We reject the concept that a part of your identity can make you dangerous.  We reject the concept that a part of your identity can make you superior. We know it is our differences that bring vibrancy, beauty, complexity, and strength to our organization and to our world.

Lark community, we are honored to work for you and with you. We will continue our work and continue to strive for equity.  Please hold us accountable and let us know what you need.