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Playwrights' Playlist: Jen Silverman

Playwrights’ Corner
Jen Silverman

I love music that combines power with playfulness - music that provokes or overturns, but does it with a smile. From Childish Gambino to Die Antwoord, from Man Man to Calle 13, the beats are undeniable but the lyrics are fiercely smart. I love the gentle melancholy of Lewis & Leigh or the Lumineers, the elegant portraits of moments that these songs contain. I love the irreverence and honesty of Max Vernon, the range and lyricism of Jean Rohe. Some of the music I love the best is by my friends, and often I loved their music before we became friends. Maybe the things that I love in songs are also the things that I love in people, and when I find the people who make that kind of music, I can’t resist them.

The play-list below has taken me all over the world. From Iowa City to Osaka, from Boston to Riga, from New Haven to Peru, from one end of Manhattan to the other, these are songs that I’ve listened to again and again across miles and years. Maybe there’ll be something in here for you, too.

The Playwright’s Playlist

1. Steak Knives
          Man Man
​8. Rich Bitch
          Die Antwoord (starring Yo-Landi Vi$$er)
2. IV. Sweatpants
          Childish Gambino
9. Grey
          Ani di Franco
3. Hal
           Yasmine Hamdan
10. Aicha
          Cheb Khaled
4. Late Show
          Lewis & Leigh
11. Esto Con Eso
          Calle 13
5. Beef
          Buraka Som Sistema
12. Girl Loves Me
          David Bowie
6. Umbrella
          Jean Rohe
13. Some Kind of Paradise
          Max Vernon
7. Big Parade
          The Lumineers
14. Another Travellin Song
          Bright Eyes