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Spotlight On... Evie Schuckman!

Playwrights’ Corner
Headshot of Evie Shuckman. They have black hair in a pixie cut and is wearing a striped shirt with black overalls and a turquoise background

Ever wonder what our Lark artists are tuned into? Do you need writing snacks inspiration? Well, we’re here to provide all that and more in our Lark Artists Spotlight series.

This week, we’re shining a spotlight on Evie Schuckman, a playwright and artist who is currently a member of the Beyond the Binary Writers Group. Be sure to check out their work, and follow them on instagram (@evieschu)! Read on to find out how they got into playwriting, and what they are up to these days!

What would be the best, most whimsical way you could introduce yourself?

I’m a double Leo with a Saggitarius rising, and you could end the interview here, because that’s all you need to know about me. 😈

You’re currently part of the Beyond the Binary writer’s group, so I’d love to hear about how you got into writing?

I was a hardcore musical theatre performer from childhood until I got a gnarly spine injury and had to stop dancing. While in my undergrad at Boston Conservatory, I was the only non-dancer in my class, so I had gaps in my schedule that were filled with cabaret workshops, devising and playwriting classes. I was always terrified to write for the public—I think I was conditioned to believe I didn’t have anything useful to say—but it grew on me.

also: I wrote a lot of Glee fanfiction in middle school. This is a grotesque extension of that.

What are you working on right now? It can be a play, or something else!

I’m working on quitting nicotine and eating more vegetables, mainly, but I’m also writing! In Beyond the Binary I’ve been sharing bits of a play in progress. My original vision was a savage roast of Gen Z traumacore culture, but it’s simply turned into an autobiography, which is also growing on me. Meanwhile I’m also doing a bit of visual art and trinket experimenting—you can follow those escapades @gubbins.irl on instagram. 😉

What is something that is bringing you comfort/joy/laughter these days in the midst of everything?

I’m fairly new to New York, so I’ve only just discovered the art of the park picnic. These days I go at least four times a week. Truly better than Prozac!

Who or what is inspiring you these days?

TikTok cringe, Barbie dolls, vintage advertisements, Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley’s Circlejerk, Whitney Houston’s Cinderella, best friends, trans joy, glassblowing, cherry blossoms, dog parks, and a new 36 pack of oil pastels. 

I don’t think you’ve experienced the extensive Lark Snack spread that we put out for all of our programs, so I’ll modify this question to ask, what is your go-to writing snack?

I eat a lot of pickles because I have low blood pressure and crave salt. These days it’s the green tomatoes, sliced into 8ths, from The Pickle Guys. 

What are you looking forward to?

Boycotting Broadway. 

Describe your workspace for us! What’s something that we’d be surprised to know you have nearby?

It’s me hunched over on my bed in a manic fugue, right hand on the keyboard, left arm elbow-deep in a family size bag of hot chips. There is usually a mix of 1980s era commercials playing nearby—I hate capitalism, but I love a good jingle!