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Until the dinosaurs die out

Stages of Resistance
A headshot in color of Jenny Larson, who turns her face slight to the left. Her loose, brown hair sweeps across her face as though the wind is blowing it.

This piece is part of a new Lark blog salon, curated by Caridad Svich, called 
"Stages of Resistance." This salon welcomes reflections and articles on issues and themes related to making work for live performance in political and ​aesthetic resistance to forms and systems that oppress human rights and censor and/or severely limit freedom of expression. We are in increasingly hostile, volatile times around the world, and this blog series hopes to serve as a space for considered, thoughtful, polemical articulations of practice and theory on the subject of resistance, the multiple meanings of political art, and the ways in which progressive, wholistic cultural change may be instigated through artworks. Stay tuned for more articles and reflections in this series throughout March and early April 2017.

Around the inauguration my favorite instagram activist @thehoodwitch posted,

We're only going to get browner and queerer and witchier and louder and stronger and prouder and watch the dinosaurs die out."

These words were medicine to me. A balm for my soul. They played in my head for days after I read them and soon became my battle cry. 

America is complex and diverse. She is brown and black and every shade in between. She speaks many languages. She worships in many places and calls her deity by many different names. She believes love is love is love is love. She is a rainbow of abilities, ages, sizes, and gender identities. And she is ours. She belongs to the misfit, the artist, and the revolutionary. Todos son bienvenidos aquí.

As a theater maker, a storyteller, I want to amplify the stories of our diverse America. I have a responsibility to amplify the truth of our complex America. We must not let our truth be minimized and erased. The theater of the resistance is brown, queer, witchy, loud, strong, and proud. And we're not going away. We will persist. We will continue to tell our stories in theaters, warehouses, homes, bars, coffee shops, parks, and street corners. With or without the financial support of the suits in D.C. We will continue to gather and share the songs and stories of our beautiful, messy, diverse America. And eventually... the dinosaurs will die out.