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Equity in the Arts
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As a follow up to The Lark's Studio Retreat of Diana Oh's inspiring {my lingerie play} Installation 9/10: The Final Installation, a poster detailing the mission of her work was left in The Lark's 5th floor hallways. Just months after the reading, Lark staff noticed some graffiti on the poster that lacked The Lark spirit. While everyone is entitled to their own voice, we felt the need to stand up for our artist, who left her poster in our possession, and share some educational resources so we may continue her important work of discussing women's rights. Please read and share these articles and be part of the conversation around equity and safety. 

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{my lingerie play} Poster
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The Lark's Response
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The solution is "not punishing the majority for actions of the minority."
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"Douche bag who is missing the whole point."
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Resource 1: Diana's Website

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Resource 2: 8 Reasons Catcalling is Not a Compliment

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Resource 3: An Article on Mansplaining

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Resource 4:  "Not All Men" - Is it progress or derailing the conversation? 

Join the conversation by leaving your comments here or engaging with The Lark's Facebook and Twitter pages! You can also support Diana and {my lingerie play}... by participating in her "Catcalling Sucks" campaign, and by checking out all the installations in {my lingerie play}: 10 Underground Performance Installations in my lingerie staged in an effort to provide a saner, safer, more respectful world for women to live in on her website.