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Off the Walls!

Playwrights’ Corner
A dry erase board decorated with paper flowers. Written across the top is "Cheers to 25 more! What's next for Lark?" with many short statements written in various colored marker underneath.

At The Lark, we draw on the walls! Or at least we paint the walls with special dry-erase paint, and then draw on that. Over the summer, we prompted the artists who came through our space to help celebrate our 25th Birthday by picking up the markers and sharing their hopes and dreams for whats to come in the next 25 years of Lark. Here are some of the things they said!


A section of a dry erase board with the words "Hopes/Wishes" written on it in big black block letters. Underneath, "APPLE LAPTOPS" is written in blue. The word "Computers" is written in blue as well, and has been crossed out.
dry erase board reads "a telephone booth"
dry erase board reads "Staff Snacks all the time" and "amazing things"
dry erase board reads "More asians" and "Puerto Ricans" and "#RickyRencia" and "An in unit washer and dryer" and "A fish". Also, a doodle of a puerto rican flag.
dry erase board reads "A Fish"
dry erase board reads "Don't forget to smile" with a picture of a smiley face.

Stop by The Lark to add your own!