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What We're Reading: December 2020

What We're Reading

As members of an organization that believes in the power of conversation to promote systemic change, the team here at The Lark often circulates, among ourselves, anecdotes and emails about materials we've read lately that have moved us. In accordance with our commitment to the amplification of necessary voices that reflect the world we live in, this monthly post compiles some of the media we have been tuned in to, to share with our wider community. We know these are only a sampling of all the insightful work out there, so if we missed anything that had an impact on you this month, we encourage you to share in the comments section!

The Ableist Effects of Creating "Post-Pandemic Theatre" During a Pandemic

By Allie Moratta

"Innovation is never an excuse for ableism, and the disabled community deserves more than to be disregarded and shut out once again. Perhaps as we rise to the challenge and adapt the way we make theatre, we can find a way to make something better."

Write It Out! Celebrates 12 Playwrights Who Are Living with HIV on World AIDS Day

By Juan Michael Porter II

"There are so many things that go into being Black or gay or living with HIV. But producing those stories is boiled down to who is in control. Who has the power to put out these stories? With Write It Out!, someone who is living with HIV holds that power and is creating the stories. Because this is a space that was created for us, by us."-Donja R. Love

An interview with Donja R. Love, whose Write It Out! Cohort recently shared new works from the 10 week playwriting workshop led by Love.

No Shows, No Insurance: Broadway Actors Losing Health Care as Shutdown Drags On

by Leslie Picker, Ritika Shah, and Kevin Flynn

"Kinnunen and many professional stage actors earn their coverage by working a certain number of weeks each year. But with Broadway and almost all theaters across the country dark until the at least May 30, it has become impossible to find work that would enable them to qualify. As a result, thousands are expecting to lose health insurance."

The FlashPaper: Theater's Thoughts on Right Now

Okay, so this is a little bit of a shameless self-promotion, but you might notice some familiar names on the contributor list for the second issue of The FlashPaper. Yep! The Lark Communications Team (Olivia George & Jennifer Haley) were commissioned by The FlashPaper to submit to this issue, and let me tell you, we are in some GOOD company in this issue. In response to the prompt question, "When you imagine a moment of justice in this country's future, what do you see?" we imagined that one vision could be that we (The Lark) cease to exist. Now, don't get us wrong, we don't want to go out of business. We love our artists and our community too much! But we want to imagine a world in which mission statements such as ours that claim to serve and support artists are actually achievable, and actually bring to fruition the cultural shift that is much needed in the field. 

If you're interested in reading about how theater artists and organizations are imagining what a moment of justice might look like, then we would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a copy. There are essays, poems, a short play, and even a coloring book. All profits go back to the contributing artists and the Broadway Advocacy Coalition. AND, if you're interested, you can check out The Lark's essay here on HowlRound!