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What We're Reading: March 2019

What We're Reading
A stack of theater magazines, newspaper clippings, reports, and other paper sit on a wood surface. The central magazine shows a cover photo of a woman singing.

As members of an organization that believes in the power of conversation to promote systemic change, the team here at The Lark often circulates, among ourselves, anecdotes and emails about materials we've read lately that have moved us. In accordance with our commitment to the amplification of necessary voices that reflect the world we live in, this new, monthly post compiles some of the media we have been tuned in to, to share with our wider community. We know these are only a sampling of all the insightful work out there, so if we missed anything that had an impact on you this month, we encourage you to share in the comments section!

21-Day Self-Care Challenge Packet from Move to End Violence

"To achieve lasting social change, we need a movement that is driven by powerful, resilient, creative, and impactful individuals who stay in this work for the long-haul. At Move to End Violence, we believe that to show up this way — as our most impactful and innovative selves — we need to intentionally practice self-care. We created the 21-Day Challenge to help build a powerful community of movement activists engaged in this practice together."

Challenge yourself to do things like go screen free, eat lunch away from your desk, and pee when you need to!

How Becoming HIV+ Turned Me Into a Playwright by Donja R. Love

"Along with my amazing support system, writing plays offered me healing. The more I wrote, the more I found myself. I was being introduced to a version of myself that I could look at in the mirror. I was becoming a Donja that made me smile again."

A reflection in American Theatre by playwright and Larkee Donja R. Love, ten years after receiving his diagnosis.

Play Formatting PSA: A Twitter Thread by Mike Lew

"In undergrad one of the 1st things Donald Margulies did was teach us proper play formatting. Which felt like a huge bummer. Shouldn't it be story first? Who cares about formatting?! Don't you see that l WILL CHANGE THE FORM, WITH THE POWER OF ART? But now that I've done a ton of reading committees, I can see he was right."

A clear, concise list of tips and tricks!

What "What the Constitution Means to Me" Means to Them by Sara Holdren, feat. Tony Kushner and Heidi Shreck

"And that’s a really profound question that the play delivers you to. I feel like it’s everything I’ve been struggling with for years, personally and politically and as a writer. It’s evolution versus revolution."

An interview in Vulture with Tony Kushner and Heidi Shreck, about the affect Heidi's personally and politically-charged, Broadway-bound play has had on audiences.

Ethnic Representation on New York City Stages

"This report tallies the ethnic make up of cast members from every Broadway show which opened in 2016/2017 season as well as from productions at the sixteen largest non-profit theatre companies in New York City."

A report published by The Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC) on the 2016-17 theater season. (Spoiler alert folks, we still have work to do).

And we know we've listed it before but...

Director of Communications and People Anna Kull got everyone in the office copies of Adrienne Maree Brown's Emergent Strategy! So if you've taken the tip from one of our previous posts and read the book, please talk to us about it!

A copy of Emergent Strategy lies on a desk in front of a notepad and keyboard.