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Writing Resolutions for 2016

Playwrights’ Corner

New Year means New Plays!

At The Lark, we believing that clearly defining goals is a crucial part of the creative process, so we asked our playwrights what their goals were for their work in 2016.  Here are their Writing Resolutions!  Check them out, and leave a comment to add your own!

"This year, I'm going to write an epic play and the book and lyrics to a musical about two things that feel personal to me. Like, within the next few months, damnit. I'm also gonna strive to put writing first in my day and emails much, much later." -Martyna Majok

​"To leave my critical thoughts on the sideline and to simply write without thinking about practicality and/or producibility." -Zakiyyah Alexander

​"I want to get out of the habit of not finishing plays.  Writing resolution
for 2016 = those magical words 'end of play.'" -Cori Thomas

"Something that happens to me when I'm under pressure, or tense, or fearful, or even just concentrating super hard is that I stop breathing.  Happens to me in boxing, and also sitting at my computer working.  All of a sudden, my head's all shrunk and compressed like a raisin, and I wonder why.  I'm gonna make 2016 the year of deep breathing, to create space for myself and those around me to fully inhabit the moments we have for work and play.  In.......ouuuuuut...." -Kimber Lee

"I need to get back into scrapbooking." -Rajiv Joseph

"​For 2016, I am going to finish a cycle of three plays. It's my second time trying to do something like this, but this time it's going to work! Also, I used to go to museums, lectures, curated film series, and literary events a lot more than I have lately. I'd like to return to that in the coming year to stimulate my imagination with influences outside my immediate life." -A. Rey Pamatmat

"With several projects coming to fruition on stage this spring, I’m hoping to get better at multi-tasking – without losing the ability to abandon myself to the world of the play on my desk." -Adam Kraar

"Dare I say, I will write another piece with a composer that nobody shall dare call a musical." -Matthew Paul Olmos

"In 2016, I resolve to write a little every day, drafting the next play I'm writing with Adi, as well as an original play I've wanted to write forever about Frank O'Hara." -Patrick Vassel

"​I'm going to separate myself from the fog of fear that envelops me when I'm not focused. In that fog, I judge myself and feel judged by others; I feel blurry and invisible. It results in blankness on the page which feels safe, an expansive nothingness where possibility beats achievement. It's easier not to write and sulk in what may have been. So in the simplest of terms, I'll write in 2016, even if writing means failure and even ruin. Those are my worst case scenarios and I can live with them, for today. Oh, and fuck mean people. I'm sending them down the chute next year. That's my other goal." -Alex Beech

"In 2016, I resolve to establish a realistic and more consistent writing
routine." -Amelia  Parenteau

​"This year I’m in residence at the Schell Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School. I want to use my time there to investigate big questions about the relationship between narrative, justice and theater. I am thinking a lot about the future of theater and the kind of work that I most want to see in the world. My goal is to leave enough space around all my big questions so I can listen better to myself and to others. I’d like to do less and to write better. I want to seek conversations with people I admire inside and outside of theater and to learn from writers who are breaking new ground." -Dipika Guha

"In 2016 
I would like to practice writing simpler sentences. 
I would like to write something small, something for myself. 
I would like to stop looking to Facebook for inspiration/friendship when I'm stuck/lonely. " -Hansol Jung

"I resolve to stop working out so much instead of writing." -Anna Zielger

"My 2016 resolution is the same as my 2015 one--to be a finisher. Last year, at the Lark's Monthly Meeting of the Minds, I dragged six plays across the finish line. Most were scheduled for productions, so that gave me an extra push. I have two new plays that are maybe 65% there, "Lucrece and the Two Janes" and "Things That Are Round." I'm going to work on them both at the Lark in February and try to find development opportunities for them both. Clearly The Lark's programming is a big part of my plan to keep my writing resolutions!" -Callie Kimball

"1. Write more. 2. Write a play with a topic far outside my comfort zone." -Susan Soon He Stanton

"Far too often when I sit down to write, I think I have to create something profound or at the very least good. That's more pressure than I can take. In 2016, I want to focus more on the process than on the outcome." -Adi Hanash

"​In 2016 I hope to become flexible enough to touch my toes. So, my writing resolution for the New Year is to wake up every morning, attempt to touch my toes, and write." -Jack Spagnola