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Writing Resolutions for 2020

Playwrights’ Corner
Beads and photobooth props, including a speech bubble that says "Party Time Excellent!", a colorful bowtie, and a fake mustache, rest on a sparkly pink surface.

If you need some inspiration as you plan what new plays you may want to explore in the new year, you're in good company. We asked some of our Larkee playwrights to let us know what their writing resolutions are for 2020. Check out what they had to say, and leave a comment to add your own!

J. Julian Christopher

In 2020, I resolve to stop micromanaging my brain and just write the damn thing.

Franky D. Gonzalez

This coming new year I want to write eight episodes for a TV comedy I want to create, write a play about my mother, and get started on work for a four-play cycle about a Colombian family. More importantly, however, as a writing goal I want to promote the works of other playwrights and creative people through social media, buying their works, seeing their shows and letting them know that they are amazing.

Dave Harris

Remember how to write a poem. 
Locate my anxieties, and bring them closer.
Text you just to say that you crossed my mind.

Abe Koogler

In 2020, I’m gonna stop spreading mean rumors about my own work. I’m gonna try to do more and know less about politics. And I’m gonna do my damndest to enjoy my life! 

Ife Olujobi

Write beyond what you believe is possible. Write for new and bigger spaces and forms and let the work tell you and others how it needs to be shown.

Jaymes Sanchez

1. Write more. 2. Revise as much as I write. 3. Make less sense on purpose. 4. Make less nonsense on accident. 5. Learn at least one magic trick. 6. Repeat.

Ren Dara Santiago

I will continue to celebrate my growth and chances to learn from my shortcomings. 2020 is a big year for me; I am going to enjoy it. I will continue to celebrate my community, my family, my inspirations. I will prioritize my health! I need eye surgery and I need therapy and I need exercise and delicious, friendly meals and more time built in for talking to my beautiful city through my soles and my face and my music (less hermiting this year, feel me). I will collaborate with two composers and activists. I will go to the Philippines and prep for a more long-term research trip. I will break in to other platforms of story-telling and secure them financials. I will continue to take care of others, and learn to do so in a way that doesn't neglect my needs. I'll have full drafts of at least 2 plays, 1 radio play, 1 radio series, 1 film, 1 pilot + pitch deck. I'll spend time with my loved ones. I'll visit my friends in other places because travel needs to start feeling like I'm letting the world in.

Dipika Guha

There have been too many unsought after sunrises from too many all nighters. So this year I want to stretch out the go as slowly as I can bear to go. To wait until I can no longer not write.