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As a community member of The Lark, one of the greatest contributions you can make is being an ambassador.  An ambassador is a community advocate who tells people about Lark’s work and accomplishments and helps spread the word about opportunities, events and fundraising campaigns.

Invite a friend to a Lark event.

Next time you are planning to attend a special event at Lark, invite a friend. To get notified of events sign up for Lark’s mailing list

Be a host while at Lark. 

If you are at an event consider saying hello to someone sitting by themselves.  Go out of your way to make people feel welcome here.

Invite a friend to a Lark-developed play. 

Every year dozens of Lark-developed plays are produced around the world.  Invite someone to attend one and let them know you work with organization that was one of the initial supporters/advocates for the play.  Plays are listed in our monthly newsletter and on our event page


Take the time to look up Lark’ twitter page.  Lark’s handle is @LarkTheatre.  Share information about Lark’s upcoming events, retweet The Lark’s tweets and mention your involvement with us.


Check out The Lark on Facebook.  Go beyond liking posts, and share them.  This will help your family and friends learn about Lark. 

Tell your family.  Tell a friend.  Tell a coworker.  

Tell people about your involvement with Lark and why you think it is a worthy company.

Read about us. 

We have lots of announcements, events, interviews, and articles. Check out our emails and send an interesting blast to a friend.  Read and share our blog.

Write about us! 

If you blog or write, consider writing about Lark.  We can work to connect you with our staff, writers, media, and photos.  Just email Jennifer Haley.  If you aren’t a writer, tell all the writers you come across.  

Raise money.

One of the best ways to get new supporters is through personal recommendations.  So tell people your story as to why you support Lark.  Forward an eblast asking for support, link to Lark’s Why Give page and share fundraising messages on social media coupled with your endorsement.


Know an amazing playwright?  Be sure to have them submit their plays!  Know incredible emerging leaders in the theater field – tell them about Lark’s apprentice program.  Know someone who might make an amazing Board Member?  Tell us!


Join our volunteer list to be notified of opportunities.

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