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Suzy Fay

Artistic Associate

Suzy Fay

Suzy Fay provides dramaturgical support for a variety of Lark fellows.  In her prior capacity as Associate Program Director, she oversaw the Roundtable program for 12 years. Among the playwrights who have participated in the Roundtable program are Nastaran Ahmadi, Migdalia Cruz, Anton Dudley, Kris Diaz, Tina Howe, Sam Hunter, Greg Kotis, Chiori Miyagawa, Saviana Stanescu, Jose Rivera, Keith Josef Adkins, Andrea Thome, Sinan Unel and Anna Ziegler.  Lark dramaturgical credits include Lark Barebones® (Waxing West by Saviana Stanescu and Applecove by Lynn Rosen) as well as the Lark’s Studio Retreat program (Free Radicals by Betty Shamieh).  Other dramaturgical work includes The Roof by Suzanne Bradbeer at Blue Collar Theater. She is a member of the Lark’s Artistic Cabinet and has taken part in Selection Committees for various Lark programs and residencies, including Playwrights Week, the Playwrights of New York Fellowship (PoNY) and the Middle East America Initiative.  She has also served on review boards for MFA Playwright Thesis candidates at Tisch-Asia and CUNY.  Also an actor, Suzy has appeared in productions at MCC, hotInk, New York Stage and Film, Yale Repertory Theater, Portland Stage, and the Kennedy Center.  She is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama.  She is a LMDA member.

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