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2021 Daryl Roth Creative Spirit Award

The Daryl Roth Creative Spirit Award, presented annually, honors a gifted theater artist and provides them with support as they develop new work in an artistic residency. The gift provides for a cash award to the honoree and creates an on-going relationship with a theater company. The residency will be shaped in collaboration with the artistic director at the theater to suit the specific needs of the artist. The theater will provide a place to work allowing the artist to interact and become part of the life of the company.

The Lark, and producer Daryl Roth, are excited to announce Brittany K. Allen as the recipient of the 2021 Daryl Roth Creative Spirit Award for her play Happy Happy Joy Joy. During her year-long residency at The Lark, Brittany will have access to the wide range of Lark artistic resources and support. 

Past recipients of the award include LAByrinth Theatre Co., 2011; New Dramatists, 2012; Playing On Air Radio Plays, 2014; Ari Fulton/ Lilly Awards, 2017; Stacy Derosier / Lilly Awards, 2018; You-Shin Chen/ Lilly Awards, 2019; and Sarita Fellows/Lilly Awards, 2020.

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