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The Apothetae and Lark Initiative

The Program

Since 2015, The Lark has partnered with The Apothetae and its Founding Artistic Director Gregg Mozgala, in an effort to provide an unprecedented platform of support and advocacy for Disabled artists, and to generate new works with the power to revolutionize the cultural conversation surrounding Disability. The Initiative includes The Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship, annual national convenings of artists and leaders with disabilities, and with the theatermaking field at large, and a workshop for Disabled writers that provides time, space, and artistic support to spark the generation of new work and provide opportunities for artists to meet and collaborate.

Founding Artistic Director of The Apothetae Gregg Mozgala at The Apothetae and Lark Convening, September 2017.Diahann Billings-Burford at the Time Warner Center, speaking at The Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship Launch Party.Beth Prevor and Anita Hollander at The Apothetae and Lark Convening, September 2017.The Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship Launch Party.The Apothetae Convening at The Lark, September 2017.Gregg and the cast of TEENAGE DICK, by Mike Lew, in rehearsal at The LarkThe Apothetae Convening at The Lark, May 2015Info

The Impact

The Apothetae, a theater company founded in 2012 and devoted to challenging perceptions of the "Disabled Experience," and The Lark work in partnership to address the profound underrepresentation and oppressive misrepresentation of people with disabilities that persists throughout our cultural media.

The Selection Process

The Apothetae Initiative is curated at the discretion of The Apothetae and The Lark staff. For information on the selection process for The Apothetae and Lark Fellowship, click here.


Leadership support for this program is provided by the Time Warner Foundation, with additional support from Jody Falco and Jeffrey Steinman.

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