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The Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship

The Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you define Disabled?

A: The Disabled community is incredibly varied and complex. As a result, the definition of Disabled is fluid and open to interpretation. The program suggests referencing the legal definition of disability as articulated in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended:

An individual with a disability is a person who:

  • Has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities;
  • Has a record of such an impairment; or
  • Is regarded as having such an impairment.

For further specifications of this definition, the full text of the ADA is available here.

Q: How do you define playwright?

The selected Fellow should be committed to generating, developing and advancing work created for the stage. Beyond that, we place no restrictions on the basis of aesthetics or form. We prefer that work samples be text-based playscripts written for live performance. However, we will accept writing in other forms (fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, screenplays or teleplays) with the understanding that the selected Fellow is committed to generating work designed for live performance during their fellowship period.

Q: I am a Disabled playwright but my work does not specifically deal with Disability issues.  Do I need to submit work samples that do?

Not at all. We understand that the diversity of Disabled experiences can manifest in a variety of ways artistically, and work samples will not be judged based on their relationship to Disability issues. We do, however, expect the selected Fellow to play a leadership role in broader aspects of The Apothetae at Lark Initiative during their residency, and be willing to personally engage in community-based conversations around representations of Disability in the theater field at large. We therefore ask that you articulate in your Artists’ Statement how your work might engage the program’s goal of advancing the cultural conversation surrounding Disability, understanding that there is not only one prescribed way for that advancement to be achieved.

Q: What if I don’t live in New York City?

The Fellowship is open to candidates throughout the United States. While The Apothetae and The Lark are based in New York, we are eager to ensure that this program is national in scope. Much of the fellowship activities can occur wherever the selected Fellow resides, and when program activities require the Fellow’s attendance in New York, travel and housing costs will be provided. 

Q: What is the selection process?

A five-person committee comprised of Apothetae and Lark artistic staff, alongside individual artists aligned with the program’s mission, will read and review all application materials and meet in Summer 2017 to select the Fellow, along with up to 3 awarded Finalists.  During the review process, applicants may be asked for additional support materials and/or to interview with selection committee representatives either in person or via teleconference. Decisions will be made based on the applicant’s potential to utilize the resources of the Fellowship towards artistic growth and cultural impact. 

Q: Does anyone involved in creating the call for submissions and on the selection committee have a disability?

A: Disabled artists have been involved in all aspects of designing the Fellowship, and the majority of the selection committee identifies as disabled.

Don't see your question here? For questions about submissions, email For questions regarding accessibility of the application process, contact Operations Manager Kendra Ann Flournoy at

The Apothetae and Lark Playwriting Fellowship

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