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Beyond the Binary

The Program

Beyond the Binary is a writers' group supporting artists whose gender identities exist outside of the culturally dominant binary. In its pilot season, the program will support six writers over the course of a six-month residency, and they will gather in intensive, private sessions to share work-in-progress with each other around a table without guests or actors. Sessions are led by Nora Brigid Monahan and Manny Rivera, who moderate conversation and questions about the work at the discretion of each writer. 

The Impact

Beyond the Binary aims to create a unique, creative space in which all participants have a safe and inclusive room to develop original work, and to provide non-binary, Two-Spirit, and other gender expansive artists with an artistic community. In its pilot season, The Lark’s Beyond the Binary Writers’ Group will meet via Zoom on a monthly basis from February to June 2021, for three hours per session.

The Selection Process

Participants are selected from The Lark’s active community of current and former playwright fellows at the discretion of The Lark's Artistic Staff, and based on the playwrights' self-stated developmental goals.

The Writers

*Not pictured: Paris J. Alexander

Our Initiatives

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