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Chinese / United States Playwright Exchange

The Program

This residency brings playwrights from the Chinese speaking world to the U.S. and U.S. writers to the Chinese speaking world to work on translations of their work. It is designed to create stage-worthy translations of new works from Greater China and the U.S.  Our larger purpose is to establish ongoing channels of artistic collaboration and communication between Chinese and U.S. theater artists and their communities.

The Impact

This program increases the profile of Chinese playwrights in the U.S. and, reciprocally, U.S. playwrights in Chinese speaking countries while fostering respect and mutual understanding among playwrights and their collaborators.

As playwright and program leader David Henry Hwang states, "The evolving relationship between America and China will certainly prove one of the major stories of the 21st century. Though each culture is intensely interested in the other, real knowledge remains scarce, with impressions on both sides of the Pacific marred by stereotypes and misunderstandings."

We aim to create a replicable model for community engagement and artistic expression, and represent a balance of U.S. and Chinese perspectives through a more relevant and culturally inclusive theater repertoire by working on stories that are relevant to both societies.

The Selection Process

Playwrights, Translators, and Playwright Advisors are selected by Lark staff and our international partners. Selection is led by playwright David Henry Hwang.

This program is currently on hiatus.

Our Initiatives

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