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Launching New Plays into the Repertoire

The Program

The Launching New Plays into the Repertoire Initiative (“LNP”) began as a six-year pilot experiment to “create a movement” around selected playwrights, and bring their voices into mainstream conversation. Selected plays were brought to national prominence through four separate productions at four theaters. Each playwright traveled together with all four artistic directors to see each others' productions and talk about the play and its relationship to their communities.

The Impact

This program creates opportunities for multiple productions, encourages cooperation among theaters and their leaders, strengthens the playwright’s role in the production of their plays, extends the pre-production and community engagement process for each play, and offers strategic opportunities for new collaborative models in the theater field.

The Selection Process

Projects are selected for this initiative at the discretion of Lark staff and the leaders of participating theaters. We seek playwrights with significant bodies of work which may be considered “hard to produce” because its audience is not yet fully developed.

The first three rounds of this program, involving 12 individual theaters and three playwrights, were completed by June 2014.


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This program is currently on hiatus.

Our Initiatives

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