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The Program

Playground is a laboratory program designed for writers interested in exploring short excerpts of work in three dimensions with a group of directors and actors. Each Playground section includes four writers, three directors, and six actors who, as a regular cohort, meet approximately every two to three weeks and play with sections of work-in-progress through experimentation or improvisation. 

The Impact

Playground is designed as a resource for writers who desire detailed work with actors and directors on individual scenes or moments, which can be run multiple times at each session. It is a free-flowing, creative environment where writers, directors, and actors are encouraged to approach material with a sense of discovery and experimentation. 

The Selection Process

Participants are selected from The Lark’s active community of current and former playwright fellows at the discretion of The Lark's Artistic Staff, and based on the playwrights' self-stated developmental goals.

Our Initiatives

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