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Project on Tyranny

The Program

The Project on Tyranny puts artists in direct conversation with audiences and community members to discuss the leading issues of our day. The program includes panel events that feature playwrights who are in the process of developing plays that address tyranny, abuses of power, and threats to our civil liberties, through various workshops at The Lark, which provide a forum for members of the public to engage with artists on a deep level.

The Impact

The goal of this program is to build greater bonds between writers and our broader community, and thereby spark ongoing conversation about the state of the world and the writer's role in it. By uplifting robust case studies of art in action, the Project on Tyranny aims to honor the theater’s ancient and enduring role as a public forum for society to confront itself in the present tense, with artists imagining its future.

(Left to right) Lloyd Suh, Mona Mansour, Tim J. Lord, C.A. Johnson (speaking), Franky D. Gonzalez, Rajiv JosephJohn Clinton Eisner, Artistic Director of The Lark, speaks before a Project on Tyranny panel event.Kara Young performs an excerpt from C.A. Johnson's ALL THE NATALIE PORTMANSFranky D. Gonzalez reads an excerpt from his own play, EVEN FLOWERS BLOOM IN HELL, SOMETIMESTim J. Lord speaking at a Project on Tyranny panel event.The audience at the pilot event of the Project on Tyranny, January 2019.Info

The Selection Process

Playwrights are selected at the discretion of The Lark’s artistic staff.

The 2018-19 Playwrights

Click on any of the headshots below to hear that writer talk about the play they developed through the Project on Tyranny!

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