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The Program

Roundtables are informal work sessions which provide playwrights with the opportunity to hear a play read aloud with actors, Lark staff, and sometimes other members of the community who may serve as a resource for the writer. Roundtables are unrehearsed and unstaged table readings focused on the text and designed to support a playwright in exploring self-identified writing goals and questions about their plays, with an intimate group of peers.

The Impact

The Roundtable is an opportunity for a writer to come up for air in what is often a solitary writing process. The Roundtable is a low-stakes environment in which a writer can interrogate their own play on their own terms with some of their most trusted collaborators in the room. It aims to provide an opportunity to hear their play out loud, protected from the marketplace, and to process feedback from advocates rather than buyers of the work. 

The Selection Process

We offer Roundtables as a resource to a select group of Lark fellows, alumni, and affiliated artists. Because our resources are finite, the staff supports a limited number of Roundtable requests to ensure the writers we support receive opportunities and resources that are lasting, meaningful, and transformative.


Take a look at upcoming Roundtables by checking out the Behind the Scenes section of our Events page!

Our Initiatives

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