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Olivia Dufault's YEAR OF THE ROOSTER at Ensemble Studio Theatre.
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Venturous Playwright Fellowship

The Program

The Lark's Venturous Playwright Fellowship advocates for productions of risk taking, innovative plays, and provides concurrent residencies for their authors. Fellows receive $50,000 over two-years, a subsidy grant of up to $50,000 to support a production of the play at a partner theater of the playwright’s choosing, and access to new play development and advocacy resources designed to nurture their writing and advance their work into the repertoire.

The Impact

Venturous Theater Fund is committed to ensuring production of plays that may be perceived as “challenging” to produce due to cast size, content, form, or other factors. Priorities of the program include identifying and encouraging 
Partner Theaters likely to embrace such “risky” projects, and giving writers the continued freedom to write what they choose.

The Selection Process

In the pilot round, Venturous Playwright Fellows were selected through a multi-step curation process by Lark and Venturous Theater Fund staff, based on:

  • Work that is “venturous,” i.e., challenging in form, controversial in subject matter, ambitious in scale, and/or experimental in concept;
  • Plays and playwrights for whom the particular resources of the fellowship would be transformative;
  • Plays that are ready for production and likely to benefit from the Production Subsidy Fund in the advancement and actualization of the work.

The selection process for subsequent rounds of the program will be announced at a later date.

The Fellows

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