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Winter Writers' Retreat

The Program

The Winter Writers' Retreat is an intensive, eight-day writers group designed for the generation of new material in a rapid, retreat-like environment. Each Retreat includes five to six writers who gather in six sessions to share work-in-progress. Writers read each other’s work aloud with two actors present to help support the reading process. Sessions are led by two facilitators, who moderate conversation and questions about the work at the discretion of each writer.

Winter Writers' Retreat 2015Tim J. LordFrom left to right: Anton Dudley, Matthew Paul Olmos, and Keith Josef AdkinsWinter Writers' Retreat 2019Info

The Impact

The WWR process is designed as a resource for writers who wish to generate a first draft of new work, or substantially rewrite a particular project, in a very short amount of time. Rather than revisiting material from day to day, writers are encouraged to bring freshly written pages for each session; the retreat process has historically been most effective as an environment where writers push forward towards a new or substantially reworked draft.

The Selection Process

Participants are selected from The Lark’s active community of current and former playwright fellows at the discretion of The Lark's Artistic Staff, and based on the playwrights' self-stated developmental goals.

Our Initiatives

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