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2012 Mexico/US Playwright Exchange Program

2012 Mexico/US Playwright Exchange Program

(Escurrimiento y Anticoagulantes)

by David Gaitán
translated by Julián Mesri
directed by Mallory Catlett

Saturday, December 8 @3pm
A modern retelling of Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment that explores our multi-faceted and complicated relationship to societal violence by (literally) dissecting the lead character in an inventive highly theatrical tour de force.


by Bárbara Colio
translated by Maria Alexandria Beech
directed by Lou Moreno

Saturday, December 8 @7pm

Three brothers embark on a long journey to see their Father. The problem is that they don’t get along. The problem is that their Mother would prefer to speak to her cats than to them. The problem is that their partners are too demanding. The problem is that they’re thirty-something, overweight, unlucky men, and their Father is an internationally-renowned artist. Admired. The problem is that deep down inside, they don’t understand why they didn’t inherit their Father’s extreme passion for life.

(Pato Schnauzer)

by Saúl Enriquez
translated by Mariana Carreño King
directed by May Adrales

​Sunday, December 9 @3pm
Two actors tell the story of a relationship between two brothers: one is a famous writer with a fatal illness who returns to look for his family after nine years of absence, and the other, a petty criminal, is the only person willing to talk to him. A black comedy about the meaning of life, losing your memory, and finding family.


by Concepción León Mora
translated by Virginia Grise
directed by Daniel Jáquez

​Sunday, December 9 @3pm

In Mérida, Yucatán, the word "mestiza" refers to the indigenous Mayan women in traditional dress who are a part of daily life there, coming from their towns to sell fruit and wares in the street. These women resist modernity and treasure their indigenous education, rituals, stories and dignity, speaking an mix of Maya and Spanish. The playwright–herself the granddaughter of a Mestiza–interviewed many of these women. These interviews inspired this play which explores and honors these contemporary Mayan women's particular ways of looking at life.