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Community Gathering

In light of yesterday’s verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, we would like to open up our (virtual) community space to gather together for reflection and simply “be.”  This marks nearly a year after George Floyd’s death, and the trial and its guilty verdict is one mile marker along the long road towards justice. We invite you to come to The Lark to this community gathering on Thursday, April 22 at 5pm EST.   

When we heard the news, we breathed a collective sigh of relief, but we also acknowledged the deep sadness of being surprised. It has happened all too often in our history that justice has not been served for Black lives, most overtly in our policing system.  George Floyd was not the first to be killed by police violence. The recent killing of Daunte Wright, Ma'Khia Bryant, and countless others painfully reminds us again and again of our need to uproot systemic racism and dismantle white supremacy.   

In our work, we will continue to uplift and recognize the humanity of our Black, Latinx, d/Deaf & Disabled, Indigenous, MEA, AAPI, transgender and non-binary communities.  We are inspired by the work ahead to raise up our voices, our joy and our pain.  We plan to consistently bring The Lark community together throughout the season to explore ways of dismantling the white supremacy that exists within our organization and the wider theater field of which we are all a part.    

So let’s gather and unite in community. In the spirit of generosity and support, we offer a safe and welcoming space for all of us to convene. We want The Lark to continue to be a gathering place for people to feel strengthened and refueled. There will be no agenda.  Just some time for us to come together to recognize the significance of this moment and share how the news of this verdict is impacting us. We will gather as a large group first and then break out into affinity spaces. To attend this event, please fill out this form and also note which affinity space you identify.  

Please email Jennifer Haley, Communication and Community Engagement Manager at should you have any questions or concerns or if there are any needs The Lark can meet so the gathering is accessible to you.