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The Lark Timeline

The Devil's Halo

by Maria Dahvana Headley & Lance Horne 

The Devil's Halo is a 3-act musical based on a short story by Anne Rice. In pre-revolutionary Paris, Joseph, a mixed-race composer thwarted in his rise to fame by the color of his skin makes a deal with the devil. In the deal, he gains the ability to choose three singers, whose voices will be altered by the Devil's power. If a muse can sing the song that will summon God for a meeting with the Devil, Joseph's soul will be free. If not, the singer will die horribly, and there will be widespread ruin on Earth. From Paris and Marie Antoinette, to 1920's New Orleans and the Jazz singer Doris Brown, to present day NYC and the multi-talented singer and composer Irene Hesperis, Joseph and the women who sing with him, filling his songs with their own histories, will wrangle with the Devil in an attempt to find redemption.