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The Lark Timeline

Girl of Glass

by Jennifer Kokai

Meet Truly, a charismatic shopkeeper with a mysterious past and an appetite for variety. Truly is in a precarious situation at work; she will be given a large sum of money to run a shop, provided that she does not leave the premises for a full calendar year and asks no questions about the jars she buys and sells. Edgar, a lost delivery man, stumbles his way into Truly's shop by accident, and the two form an unlikely friendship. Each week as Edgar comes to make his deliveries near the shop, he passes Tom- an older gentleman who frequents Truly's shop, always looking distressed as he leaves. As the months continue and Edgar learns more about Truly's character, he begins to question her interest in him and trustworthiness. Their relationship ends as Truly reveals herself to Edgar in a heated and tempestuous exchange, followed by Tom finally releasing his jar to Truly for her inventory.