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The Lark Timeline


by Erika Dickerson-Despenza

Two months after Hurricane Katrina, 13-year-old Davis & her father Ernest find themselves in Chicago. With her mother dedicated to the fight for Black land ownership in New Orleans & her father committed to starting a new life in Chicago, divorce threatens to further separate a family already torn apart & Davis left hanging in the balance. [hieroglyph] explores Davis' experience navigating the Chicago public school system while silently coping with the PTSD of a secret assault at the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina. 

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This play the second installment of a 10-play Katrina Cycle, focused on the effects of Hurricane Katrina & its state-sanctioned man-made disaster. Taking up epic space, these plays traverse the Katrina diaspora in an examination of the ongoing effects of displacement rippling in & beyond New Orleans. Together, the ten works underscore colonialism, environmental racism & the erasure of Black land legacies through the distress of disaster, evacuation, displacement & urban renewal.