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In the Middle

In the Middle

By Donja R. Love

Directed by Saheem Ali

As the rain pours down and the water keeps rising, a mother sits in a flooded basement weeping. After her son is gunned down by police, Mary, a woman with a cracked past, finds herself paralyzed with grief. So her mother, sister, and daughter try to uplift and help her wade through the water - as she mourns. But when her tears begin to overflow deep family secrets rise all around them. And once their painful past floats to the top - there's no telling who's going to drown.

The performance on Sunday, March 4 at 3:00pm will be followed by a panel and open conversation centered around Queerness in the Black Lives Matter movement, coordinated by Hari Ziyad (RaceBaitR) and moderated by Erika Dickerson-Despenza (Black Women's Blueprint).

Donja R. Love was a 2016-17 Van Lier New Voices Fellow. In the Middle has also been developed in The Lark's RoundtableMonthly Meeting of the Minds, and Studio Retreat programs.

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